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THREEFOLD POST, GO. Ton of crap to catch up on! So here goes.

MFF: Holy god, this was an amazing con. I really don’t want to go into a full on writeup, but I’m gonna try to sum it up quick. Thursday was the tiredest day. Flight was early and I never got any sleep, so I was a complete zombie until I caught a two hour nap in the room and perked up a little. Met up with folks, ordered some chinese. Friday was mostly just some derping around with other folks around the con, went out to dinner with a bunch of folks. I had a dragonberry mojito there and it was SO FREAKING TASTY. Most of the rest of the con was a big happy blur of meeting new folks (Joey, Kipper, Elliot, Zan, Fax, Firefox, Kit and countless many others of god), catching up with some flat-out amazing new friends (Aura, Dingo, Tahoe, Codex, Thoeme and again, so many more), and awesome, silly little moments that just set my mood to happy for the entire con (like derping around with Gage Husky, having him start following me around and me not minding because he was adorable, then finding out 15 minutes later that it was Aura). The con was the best I’ve ever gone to, hands-down, and the first I’ve come away from feeling satisfied and happy that I was there instead of upset because it was over.

THANKSGIVING: Yep, ate so much stuffing I nearly exploded. That aside, time to be pretty sappy. I realize that I don’t often enough kinda step back this time of year and think over all the positive stuff that I have in my life, not to mention all the people that’ve been invaluable friends along the way.

Devilpony and Kyr, you guys are probably the most important friends I’ve ever had. You were there at the very beginning of my sort of self-discovery through the furry community, and have saved my ass from everything from boredom to homelessness to going out of my mind when I couldn’t drive. I was the best man at your wedding, tomato shirt, crappy speech I choked all over and all. Even though I go silent a lot of the time, that’s not for lack of love and respect for you two, and I’m honored to have you guys as a part of my life.

Kingdom and Foxx, the loves of my life. I was worried up and down that this kind of a relationship would never last, but somehow we’ve gone strong for almost three years now. We’ve had the occasional bump in the road, but it’s not been anything we couldn’t all handle together. I can’t say “I love you” enough to really convey how I feel about you two, and I sincerely hope that we can get all of our own affairs together to the point where we can truly share our lives.

My parents, without whom I really don’t know where in the hell I’d be right now. They’ve supported me left and right, even after the more than occasional scuffle. They respect that I’m my own person, and accept my sexuality, even though they may not agree with it, which is more than I could ever ask for.

Zero, Wolfgang, Torsten and that whole crew, for being some pretty amazing friends and sharing more laughs, smiles and sushi than I think I could ever hope to count.

Aura, Dingo and that contingent for being some amazingly sweet people and even better friends, who’ve done wonders for sort of helping me out of my shell at recent cons and showing me an amazing time. Not to mention corrupting me back into the whole fursuiting thing!

And of course there are tons upon tons upon tons more people that I’m truly thankful to have met. Even if you’re not listed here, I’m sure you know who you are.

THINGSGIVING: Christmas is coming, oh god. Between new car and moving out next year, I really really don’t have the ability to do much present-wise, but I’d really like to at LEAST be able to do some cards this year. If you want me to send ya a card, shoot me an e-mail ( or an IM (koebimoonlight on AIM and Y!M) or something with your address and I’ll add you to the list. Please please please do eet, I really wanna send out lotsa cards this year! :3



Quick version: Found an abandoned cruise ship/airplane while base jumping. Inside were a bunch of old computer consoles. Activating one announced that the universe was being destroyed by some evil corporation. A monitor appeared with the letter D on it. Strange entity announced that the monitor will count down to “A” if and as a very specific series of events unfold (most importantly, me not dying.) When the monitor hits A, the universe will still be destroyed, but said entity would initiate a backup sequence from a cassette tape drive. If I died at any point, it would show in slow motion exactly what caused me to die and then time would rewind itself so I could avoid it. There are many shenanigans in space that involve guns and a very deadly bacteria. Find that the source of universe-death is a weather satellite that contains a self-propagating chain reaction nuclear device. Hitchhike back to earth on a large freighter after finding clues that we’ve completed the series of events that will initiate backup. We find the cruise ship/airplane, but all the machinery is gone. Notice a semi driving away. Action-y chase sequence ensues. I reach the truck by wall-jumping between cars and break in. The monitor is still on, reads “A”. Victory cheers ensue. Very detailed map of the entire universe is shown with explosions traveling through it, approaching earth. Proceed to have sex with sidekick and love interest on a set of train tracks facing an oncoming train with the line “Hell, we’re going to die anyway, righ-*CRUNCH*”

And then I woke up.


So! Totally went to Furfright this last weekend and had easily the best con I’ve had to date.


Thursday consisted of getting up entirely too early, trapping myself in my van with some of my best friends and our stuff and rocketing the whole thing in the general direction of Cromwell as fast as I could without being arrested or something. Kyr slept in the back of the can for pretty much the whole trip while Pony had to put up with my usual “I am driving now” hyperfocusing in the front. I was proud of this drive. Made record time and only needed one stop on the way!

However, six hours of driving will wear out just about anyone. By the time we got to the con, settled in our hotel room in the Super 8 and over to the con hotel, we were all grumpy, sleepy, grumbly old men and women. We stood in the too-long-but-fast-moving pre-reg line to get our badges and crap, then booked it back to the hotel and directly into bed.


Woke up pretty early, washed off my stank and headed right over to the con. First thing I did was stop by registration to upgrade my badge to FrankenSponsor for the extra goodies. This was also my fifth Furfright, and each year seems to trump the last in awesomeness, so I figured I’d throw some extra money at it. I briefly caught up with Wolfgang and some other pretty cool dudes (and got stuck in an elevator with them for ten minutes, oh god) before wandering around the con.

Not really content with just installing myself in the tabletop gaming room for the whole con, I did some wandering. I made a quick cursory walk through the dealer’s den to get a feel for it. Didn’t stay, WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE, but I did nab me some raffle tickets from Tikky, and an invitation to Piecon (which I couldn’t attend, more later.) After that I caught up with Meander and settled into the gaming room for a while. THERE WAS PINBALL THERE AND I PLAYED SO MUCH OF IT MY WRIST HURT. I finally met Aurafox as he was playing some fightan gaemz and doled out the hugs! I failed massively at Pop’n’music for a while, then some more pinball until i went OH GOD FRANKENSPONSOR DINNER IS NOW.

I ran into Purple in the hallway and gave him massive hugs, then sat down in the ballroom and enjoyed the hell out of that dinner. I REALLY wish I hadn’t had such a big lunch, because that food was AMAZING. Watcher also had his tea thing set up and I grabbed some of the iced tea he had already made. So good. <3 I spent the rest of the evening wandering around, re-catching up with Aura and meeting Tahoe and Dingoroo and generally being a weirdo. I got tired pretty quick and headed back to the room to get some quality Z’s.


Woke up a bit late, got freshened up and headed out the con. It was BEAUTIFUL out! Perfect weather, compared to the crappy humid rain we had on Friday. First order of business was to hit up the pinball tournament. I got there a little early, so I checked out the dealer’s den some more. Grabbed a SUPER SEKRIT COMMISSION from Dingoroo I had been meaning to get for a while, and Tikky made me a micro badge, which is literally the best thing. People were asking me all over the place where I got it. Then there was pinball. Despite crazy sensitive tilt sensors and random machine resets, it finally got going. Aura was all poutyface because he didn’t get the trophy (because it was a paw, huhuhu). I managed to squeak out third place!

I stole Tahoe and Aura for food at the diner, where we giggled at Aura being a pickyplush, then trying clam chowder and loving it. When we drove back, the fursuit parade was going on in the parking lot. We were basically led through the sea of fursuits; I rolled down the window and started giving drive-by high fives. It was awesome!

I wandered and derped for a little while, hung out with Aura while he was in suit, then headed over to the poker tournament.

Oh boy.

A brief history of me and poker: The last time I had played poker was one year previous, at Furfright 2010. I had learned to play poker 20 minutes before that tournament. I ended up being I think the 15th or so person to be eliminated out of 50-some.

My goal this year was to at least get halfway. I figured I’d be there for about two hours, tops.


The tournament started at 6:00. Two and a half or so hours later, Littlewolf announced that half the players has been eliminated. Woo, goal met, and I was still going!

Next thing I know, it’s another hour and a half later and I’m at the final table. WHAT. I managed to stay in with some good hands, had a TON of fun, and got 4th place. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS OF POKER, jeez. But so much fun!

I spent most of the rest of the night hanging out with Aura, Tahoe, Dingoroo, Codex and BEAR GRYLLS (I feel like a goober because I forget his actual name), putting off sleep as long as I could before I finally trudged back to my hotel and fell all of the asleep.


I woke up and got my shit packed. We, Pony and Kyr got the van packed up and ready to go before driving over to the con for one last hoorah. I caught up with Aura, Tahoe, Purple, Tilt and others at the fursuit games, watching the end of musical chairs. I wandered for a bit, then settled in the dealer’s room for the rest of the con.


Around 3 or 3:30, the thought “you are about to have to leave” finally settled in my brain. I was hanging out at Dingoroo’s table with Aura and others, and it took just about all I had not to just break down in tears. This was new to me; I had NEVER gotten this broken up about a con, much less before I even managed to leave. Almost IMMEDIATELY after this happened, Dingoroo had to go and be a gigantic sweetheart and give me a giant bear plushie. I nearly broke down again.

We helped Dingo get his stuff up to his room, and I said some quick and extremely reluctant goodbyes. I hugged a few more people on the way out and crawled into the car. I had asked Kyr to take the first leg of the trip back so I could kind of take a little nap and compose myself. We grabbed food and gas, and as soon as we hit the road, I was a bawling mess in the backseat.

We got about two hours into the drive and switched up. I found it incredibly hard to focus, I was tearing up every couple of minutes, and just generally freaking out. I asked Kyr to take the wheel after about an hour and a half or so, and we managed to get home, albeit a little late.

The second I got all my stuff inside the door, I collapsed on my bed and cried myself to sleep like a doofus.

This con was the best one I’ve had to date, hands down. I really just did not want to leave, at all. Especially not as early as we did.


With all that said, here are some shoutouts!

Meander, Purple, Wolfgang, Jouva and countless many others: I’m sorry we didn’t hang out much at the con D: I got swept up in so much stuff and I always feel guilty when I can’t hang out with more people for longer.

Tikky: I’m sorry I missed Piecon. D: I TOTALLY got stuck in poker and couldn’t make it. Also, thanks for the micro badge, it’s probably the best thing ever!

Devilpony and Kyr: Thanks for putting up with my freaking out on the way home. XD I’m super glad you guys got to go this year and have a good time.

Aurafox: You are a GIGANTIC SWEETHEART GOOFBALL and I’m going to miss you SO MUCH. I’m really sorry if I seemed like I was being clingy. XD But now you have a mini-me so I can bug you forever!

Dingoroo: You also are a huge sweetheart, and I’d love to get to know you better and hang out and talk more. The bear plushies have a nice new home on my bed. :D

Tahoe: We meshed really well and you seem like a pretty awesome dude that doesn’t afraid of anything. :3 Hopefully should talk more!

Wag: R.I.P. your hair. I really think you could rock a bandana pretty hard like that. Also, invest in hats, your head’s gonna get SO COLD.

Poprock: GOD. DAMNIT.

Had a pretty neat weekend at the White Rose Gameroom Show in York! :D Met up with TILT, Wag and Codex and derped around, and I bought my own pinball machine! This will be my new project. It’s a 1980 Gottlieb Panthera. When I got it, it was missing displays and board, a plunger, side rails, a lock for the coin door and legs. I bought some new displays, got a set of legs, some new rubbers for the playfield and some plastic polish, along with some other doodads. These are all beforeshots of the head and playfield before I got to it. All I managed to do so far tonight was change out most of the rubbers, clean up the field and plastic a little, and it already is looking a ton better.


I hads me a pretty good weekend!

Saturday I went down to Kingdom’s house, where after a little bit of generic mall-dooping we went to Medieval Times for dinner and a tournament. We had front row seats, the feast was tasty, and our knight won! I also had entirely too many (read: not enough) strawberry daiquiris. Delicious. And I got to keep the cup! This thing weighs like a hundred pounds, I could probably cave someone’s skull in with it.

Sunday was a little bit less eventful but still pretty fun. We went down to the Maryland RennFest and explored around a little bit. We watched a couple shows (we saw the Barely Balanced act twice, it was fun :3) and ate probably the worst food that you could ever subject your body to. It was amazing. However, it was hot and muggy and gross out, which got me tired way too quickly, and I had to stop and rest a lot.

Got back to Kingdom’s earlier than anticipated, and in lieu of going out anymore, we just kinda fell asleep on each other and napped all day. <3

Now I’m home and I’ve realized how much school work I’ve put off. D: GOD DOMMOT.

Furfright is in what, two and a half weeks? I’M SO EXCITED :D And at least after swimming through an ocean of stress with classes, I have that to look forward to.

This has been your random shit-you-don’t-particularly-care-about injection. I need to post more!

Haven&#8217;t been posting like I said I would. D: In the meantime, got a new haircut!

Haven’t been posting like I said I would. D: In the meantime, got a new haircut!

Yes I know, more Minecraft screens. These are all from the 1.8 pre-release, just some interesting little things I managed to nab screens of. I’LL STOP SOON I SWEAR


Just wanted to post a few more pics of little build I’ve worked on on Drac’s server recently. This is my new castle (my old one got straddled between a winter and summer biome in a map corruption. Half of my house snowing and half not was annoying) that I built up. I might post more pics of the inside sometime.

Work in progress of the Celadon City Department Store styled KOEB*MART on the Minecraft server I play on. :3 The building is shorter than it should be, and the layout is about as close to the Pokemon games as I can get while still being functional. Soon, I’ll add NPCs (with the Citizens mod) and the half-blocks will be functional shop shelves (thanks to Showcases mod). An elevator mod powers the elevator connecting the floors. The dispensers on the top will dispense light blue dye (FRESH WATER) yellow dye (LEMONADE) and brown dye/cocoa beans (SODA POP).